Stark Media is a creative media agency that aims to facilitate its clients with services such as ad management, content creation, content copywriting, events management, graphic design, livestream production, video production, social media management, story features/publications, and web design & development.

Building the Future

Stark Media is a creative media agency that aims to facilitate its clients with services such as ad management, content creation, content copywriting, events management, graphic design, livestream production, video production, social media management, story features/publications, and web design & development.

We also feature Our Journey Our Stories, a storytelling platform that shares authentic stories of different professionals from various industries and sheds light on the untold challenges behind them in hope to encourage and inspire viewers through difficult times.

Furthermore, Stark Media produces and hosts a monthly ticketed talk show, The Journey Point, which invites esteemed guest panelists and serves as a community-builder by connecting people with common interests and needs.


To impact society by helping brands through enriching and inspiring storytelling.


To be a renown digital media creative agency with its own media platforms and programs.

Our Team.

With a passion for media creation, we are a quirky bunch that doesn’t back down from a challenge.

Desmond Pang
Co-founder & CEO

The skills and knowledge Desmond possesses stem from his experience in different industries. An entrepreneur by heart, Desmond is a man who isn’t unfamiliar with setbacks. While going through multiple trials in the course of his career as an educator and entrepreneur, he has also achieved numerous positive milestones.

Since 2013, Desmond has launched several startups and businesses, including manufacturing and distributing Korean ciders to Singapore, selling baby apparel, operating a hawker stall and starting a media & marketing company. Among his ever-green passion for doing good, he has also built three water wells in Cambodia, Banteay Srey and Siem Reap.

As a strong believer in stories and videos, Desmond has also produced more than 150 documentary interviews and video productions, totaling over 500k views and 2000 social media shares. While being a committee member of SAFRA Entrepreneurs Club, he is also a Lead Mentor for MyStartUp Pre-Accelerator, which is designed specifically for pre-seed and early-stage startups in Malaysia.

For decades, Desmond has lived by the motto, “Persevere, believe, and work hard to find your own success.”

Cyrus Chung
Co-founder & COO

Cyrus is an Adjunct Lecturer with Singapore Retail Studies who conducts training for corporates, small businesses, and the general public on using livestreaming to level up their customers. He is also a trainer for Digital Mentorship for companies wishing to go digital. Since November 2020, he has trained more than 400 learners from various industries.

His other talents include being a professional emcee who speaks four languages and is highly sought after in the industry. In just three months, Cyrus hosted more than 80 online shows and events. Furthermore, he placed first in Gain City’s influencer competition I Can Be An Influencer as a content creator.

Cyrus is known for his bubbly personality and genuine approach to building relationships.

Cheryl Lim
Creative Art Director

As a seasoned designer, Cheryl has worked with MNCs, SMEs and FMCG companies such as Yokogawa, Bayer Healthcare, World of Golf, Changi Airport, Cooper-vision, Pan-west, Juewei Food and Corlison.

She has played critical roles, both individually and collaboratively, in delivering great works and designs to help brands and businesses better position themselves in the marketplace, with the knowledge and expertise she has gained from her design experience – including the iconic Juewei mascot.

Cheryl’s passion for design is evident in her extensive portfolio. Moreover, she has adopted the role of mentoring young designers at work while keeping up with ever-changing industry needs by graduating with a Distinction in Basic Animation.

With her highly transferrable skillset, Cheryl presents herself as a valuable asset in the team.

Genevieve Goh
Lead Content Creator

Genevieve is affectionately known as the “bao-ka-liao” around the office. She is a Communication graduate with a dedication to excellence which earned her a Summa Cum Laude from the University at Buffalo, SUNY and a leadership role as the Track & Field team president.

In addition to her openness to learn, she is conscientious and meticulous when planning and executing projects. She develops social media content strategies and copies for publication, films and edits production shoots for the company and clients. Genevieve is also a talented writer and curation specialist, producing and curating articles for our digital publication site, Our Journey Our Stories.

With her strong work ethic, attention to detail, and impressive range of skills, Genevieve is a key asset to the Stark Media team.

Chen Wan Ching
Graphic Designer

Wan Ching is a patient and team-player designer with experience in print and digital aspects of design communication. By visualizing messages, she engages and helps intended target audiences understand and act on them.

Along with her Diploma in Design Communication from Orita Sinclair School of Design and Music, Wan Ching holds a Higher Nitec certificate in Cyber and Network Security. Aside from being a Desktop Engineer for NCS Pte Ltd, she has also worked at Healthcare Medical Group and Land Transport Authority’s security department.

An interest in the visual arts led Wan Ching to take the leap and change careers. Being open-minded and eager to learn makes her a valuable teammate.

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