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@saihingsg Originally formulated and produced by Sai Hing Medical Hall Pte Ltd, our all-natural Golden Monk Fruit Tea is precisely tailored to address issues like red eyes, sore throats, and dryness. It effectively nourishes the lungs, promotes phlegm reduction, enhances complexion, and detoxification. Even diabetes patients can consume it with peace of mind! Limited stock available, hurry to our platform and make a purchase! #saihingsg #saihingmedicalhall #tiktoksg #tiktokshop #goldenmonkfuittea ♬ Summer day – TimTaj
@saihingsg Do you always feel tired and lethargic due to work stress or having late night sleep? When you drink it 2 to 3 times a week, you can replenish vitality, nourish the spleen and lungs, promote body fluid and soothe the nerves. #saihingsg #healthtips #wellness #ginseng #wolfberries #teas #healthyteas ♬ Royal-Tea – gregsimsmusic
@saihingsg Every ingredients has its own benefits and the combination of those, give your hair a change to enjoy a healthier black hair! #saihingsg #saihingmedicalhall #blackhair #protecthair #healthyhair ♬ Future – Official Sound Studio

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